We've arrived

Well, we arrived safely in Missouri on Thursday at 2:30pm and started the unpacking process!  The last day was a good trip-short and sweet.  We had a wonderful last leg of the journey!  Beautiful scenery and not as much rain as expected.  Bella got herself under the bed and wouldn't come out - now we can't seem to get her to stay inside our new home.  She has not gotten out, but is always around the doors awaiting the opportunity for escape. 

Michael says the house is everything he expected.  Jake and he are having fun biking, Anna has made a friend today from her new school and is very happy.  She was very quiet and sullen the day we arrived, but the party at church today has brought her out of the doldrums.  When we finally get Internet I'll post pictures of the place.  It is beautiful!  We missed the tornadoes a few days ago, but heard the whistle and didn't know what it was for!

Unpacking is such a process.  It was fun watching them pack, but doing so much work to put everything in place is incredible!  I have gone to bed so achy and tired and Richard and I have fallen right off to sleep.  Lots to do, but not too much more to go.  Richard counted and I think there are only 15 boxes left!  This does not count the book boxes, but lots of those will go to the church.

Today was a full day at church and what a wonderful welcome!  Seemed like a very full house.  Amens during the preaching (I like the positive response).  We are happy, the people are happy and God is good!  I think this helps with settling in:  finally meeting all of these unknown faces, praying together, worshipping, laughing, and eating helps to settle you and brings you into the community of God.  No matter what the new days are ahead God has given us a full and blessed day to look on.  We know we are a part of a much larger community because of so many people following this blog: from Maine, Georgia, Poplar Bluff and even Nevada!  God has blessed us richly. 

This is the end of the travel blog, but a beginning to so much more.  Thanks be to God!