Red Sails

You know the phrase we have "Red sails at night sailors delight, red sails in morning, sailors take warning."  Well, here in the west it seems we have red skies at night and in the morning.  It is beautiful to look on the horizon and see the big red and orange of the sun coming up!  Announcing the day and the promise of a fresh start. After having been in a valley for 13 years it is so great to see the sun setting too!  New sights here everyday.  Today we looked out in our backyard and a hawk was in the tree there, looking out over the bit of field off of the bluff we live on. 

We have been here a week and what a full week it has been.  I showed up at work on Tuesday ready to go!  So much stuff had been unpacked.  I only have two dish boxes to go and still a bunch of book boxes.  Some of these were moved to my office.  So now I have piles of books with shelves I need to get rid of and more I want moved!  We are getting into some kind of order though, we have new living room furniture (I know I promised pictures, but this is the first night of Internet), a fully operational kitchen (although we have eaten out a lot lately), and a TV which only shows movies (tomorrow cable comes to fix that problem).  Sign ups for cable, trash, phone, Internet, and I think this completes the list. 

Such busy work, and amidst the rush I have had time to breath.  Today I walked to the bus stop for Michael and Jacob and listened to the birds in the trees.  Michael has cried, Anna has cried and I have cried a little with them as they have adjusted this week to new friends, missed buses and missing old home.  Such welcoming arms have greeted us here and we are blessed with new friends, new faces, and new dessert items on the counter!  This weekend we will explore a new movie theater and meet new people over at the neighboring church of St. Paul's in Sikeston. 

Tonight the kids wanted to know why we were the first ones to the church and the last ones to leave.  Anna has wanted to know why we have to go to Sikeston!  Explaining again and again that mom is now like Fr. Tim puts it in a little perspective, but it is going to take some getting used to.  Anna, of course, wants to totally resist being a PK.  As we settle and things calm around us a feeling of being at home is surfacing.  We are amazed we haven't even used a tank of gas yet!  We are amazed at how convenient and close everything is!  We are amazed at the goodness of God and those around us!  I am amazed at God's creation as I watch the sunset and am reminded of my dad.  Oh, how busy I was then, and did not want to slow to watch the sunset as dad did, now I watch and think of how glorious it is!  The time of slow and living in God's time.