The Road

Well, today has been a long day on the road.  As a matter of fact we just arrived at 6:30pm in Bedford, PA and we are finally settled in enough for me to write.  Today we have traveled from lots of snow to no snow; from houses and fancy decorations through beautiful mountains and watching the Hudson River Valley, which is awesome to see the mountains with the river flowing in between (which is the second pic)!  As you can see though my pictures of Hartford were way out of focus, which makes me think of our journey.
This afternoon we got out of the car to have supper.  My legs were stiff, I had to stretch, we all had to stretch!  You travel for so long in the same position and then you don't seem to notice how inflexible you have become.  I wonder if this was what happened with the Kings from the East.  How often do we not really see what is around us?  Did the Kings become so focused on the star they sometimes forgot why they were following it?  Do we forgot God is in the everyday comings and goings of our lives?
 As we went to leave our break at the restaurant a young toddler burst in saying hello to everyone he ran into.  What a delight!  A greeting which has triggered excitement about what is at the end of this journey for us.  Talk turned to how long will it take to unpack?  Where is our room?  What new things will we experience.  Oh, and yes Jacob we know your birthday is on January 4th, we won't forget.  Christmas is not over by a long shot!  Even though the retailers have packed it in and there are no more Christmas songs on the radio, Christmas is still present.  God come among us as long as we have eyes to see and ears to hear the wondrous song of love around us.