The first leg of the journey

What a wild ride today has been.  We are standing on the threshhold of inbetween and it is not a comfortable place.  Today started with a wonderful Eucharist celebration at the church which has supported and raised us these last 13 years.  Then came the good-byes and the tears.  So many beautiful big tears filled with the love of you all.  So many nice gifts of words said and wonderful cards with so much love and care.  So many hugs and kisses...treasures of heaven and kept in the heart.

Then traveling on the road and a call from Pam Miller of Holy Cross.  "Will you be late?"  No, we are on our way today hoping to avoid the storm.  Poof!  We are in the blizzard and now we have stopped at Milford/Hopkinton because the traveling was so very bad!  30 mph on the road!  Blizzard conditions, not able to see very far in front of us and I wonder if the Wise Men had this problem with a storm and not finding the star at night. 

We are safe and warm right now though and this is what matters.  Dinner consisted of spreading out the little we had packed and improvising a feast.  Thank goodness for leftovers, even if the turkey has no bread!  We are hoping to get to see Richard's Aunt tomorrow, but we don't know if this weather will let up and allow us to pass.  This is all part of the journey though.  We are all taken aback by the surprises and interruptions which face us in our life journey.  Yet we continue on sure the road will lead us to a destination.  Ours is Holy Cross, Poplar Bluff, Missouri.  Traveling from the East following a road which will lead us on a new journey; full of God's wonderful surprises!